Reverend Billy and Stop Shopping Choir — from the Church of Earthalujah! — announce a new ministry against climate-killing big banks: FEAROFBANKING.COM

Why say “climate-killing?” — we are up against the normalization of the ending of life. Do you think that is an exaggeration? The big banks would force into the market all human activities, including education, health, home-life and democracy. The big banks consider apocalypse their profit center.

There are, since the heroics of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia and the sharing of the murderous secrets of the United States by Bradley Manning and Julian Assange (allegedly) — a world of people doing what they can. We are opposing the big banks when we don’t plant this year’s crop with suicide seeds. We are pulling out when we shop locally and don’t go to the transnational malls.

The work of the Earthalujah Church and our fellow travelers, shown in this campaign and its Web site — is to invade the quiet lobbies, the guarded hallways and escalators, the neutral zones surrounded by bored rent-a-cops. Our job is release a fusillade of religious signals, clowning, hex prayers from the ancient past and the future…

The practiced passivity of thousands of workers in these buttresses of false politeness will be interrupted, be it by anger, laughter or tears — and we will quickly shove the information about what they are supporting into their hands. The cry of “Emergency!” must penetrate the land!

On this Web site we begin by posting ritual performance by the Church of Earthalujah, Seville’s Rumba Ravers — invading the banks with flamenco! — and the Rainforest Action Network in California. Activists have begun their outrageous work in London, Chicago, Zurich, Barcelona and Seville, Amsterdam, Liverpool, New York, San Francisco and Berkeley, California. This movement will occupy all banks everywhere.

The Trinity of Evil is JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank — the top three investors in CO2 emissions. You see here Devils such as UBS and Deutsch Bank, and the lesser-known PNC Bank of the Unites States, a key investor in the deadly Mountaintop Removal coal-mining. The investment policies or these resource extractors — and especially coal-fired power — are apocalyptic in scale. They are de-stabilizing the climate. Their green-washing marketing campaigns are an unconscious vaudeville routine. They are funny fools, but they are mass murderers. Do you think that is an exaggeration?

There is no case to be made that the science is wrong. Increasing emissions each month now put us at 392 carbon units per million, already far above safe levels. Our current wave of storms, droughts, floods and fires are without precedent and they are human-caused; they are bank-caused, an outcome of cash made available in the anticipation of profits.

Our sense of Evil will be restored. Our resistance to Evil will be resurrected. Banks invite money but enforce consumer passivity in the extreme upon human beings who cross into their hushed lobbies. We will know to be angry and we will dare to be brave, facing the out-of-control banking industry. The Earthalujah activists will systematically relieve banks of their false polite atmosphere throughout the world.

Bankers are not the ones to run our governments. They cannot consign us to fossil fuels. At present they have no regulation. They answer to no one and in Europe they actually appoint Prime Ministers. If they succeed in killing us, nevertheless we are praying to a supreme being that confuses them. As they kill us, our children will flood into their secret vaults and kill them or resurrect them.

We are no longer polite, since they want to kill us. Will someone give us an Earthalujah!

— Rev Billy

The Church of Earthalujah is a New York City based radical performance community, with 50 performing members and a congregation in the thousands. They are wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters, earth loving urban activists who have worked with communities on 4 continents defending land, life and imagination from reckless development and the extractive imperatives of global capital. They employ multiple tactics and creative strategies, including cash register exorcisms, retail interventions, cell phone operas combined with grass roots organizing and media activism. They are entertainers and artists, performing regularly throughout The US and Europe.